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Senior Cassandra/Redis DB Administrator - job post

EPAM Systems
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Join us at the forefront of our database initiatives as a Lead Cassandra/Redis Administrator.
You'll play a pivotal role in supporting and automating high-load SQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, and Redis. You'll collaborate with multinational teams, contribute to innovative projects, and have the opportunity for continuous learning and growth.

EPAM is a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and development services. We are committed to having a positive impact on our customers, our employees, and our communities. We embrace a dynamic and inclusive culture. Here you will collaborate with multi-national teams, contribute to a myriad of innovative projects that deliver the most creative and cutting-edge solutions, and have an opportunity to continuously learn and grow. No matter where you are located, you will join a dedicated, creative, and diverse community that will help you discover your fullest potential.

  • As a Senior Cassandra/Redis DB Administrator, you will be responsible for
  • DB cluster planning, including data sizing estimation and identifying hardware requirements based on data size and transaction volume
  • Creating, installing, and configuring DB clusters
  • Utilizing monitoring tools to ensure cluster availability and performance
  • Exporting data into different data formats
  • Implementing primary and secondary indexes correctly for efficient data queries
  • Conducting backup and restoration procedures to ensure system security in the event of failure
  • Tuning the performance of Java Virtual Machine (JVM), caches, and compaction
  • Conducting stress tests on clusters and interpreting performance results

  • For Cassandra:
  • In-depth knowledge of architecting and creating Cassandra/NoSQL database systems
  • Proficiency in Cassandra Data Modeling, NoSQL Architecture, Keyspace, Table, Index creation, User administration, and access control
  • Strong understanding of complex Cassandra internals, including the gossip protocol, hinted handoffs, read repairs, Merkle trees, tombstones, and garbage purging
  • Experience in administration, maintenance, and support of clusters using tools like Opscenter, Devcenter, Linux, and Spark
  • Ability to write and optimize CQL Queries for Cassandra integration
  • Basic experience with CI/CD pipelines configuration
  • For Redis:
  • Hands-on experience in creating, installing, and configuring a Redis cluster, managing Redis processes, and related tasks
  • Proficiency in Redis Data model and Commands, including different data types, publishing/subscribing, transactions, key expiration, and sorting
  • Strong understanding of Redis Data management, including replication, snapshots, persistence options, AOF, and master-slave replication
  • Knowledge of Redis memory and CPU consumption, tuning techniques, and performance optimization
  • Expertise in Redis scalability, both vertical and horizontal
  • Experience with backup/restore procedures and routine Redis administration tasks
  • Hands-on experience with AWS cloud and basic services, including Elastic Compute, S3, and IAM

  • Experience with DSE (DataStax Enterprise)
  • Experience with AWS services, including Elastic Compute, S3, and IAM. Hands-on experience with Cassandra database hosted on AWS cloud is a plus
  • Good knowledge of Linux and Java configuration
  • Integration experience with Solar and Spark
  • Familiarity with automation and CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Gitlab CI, and TeamCity
  • Knowledge of infrastructure as code (IaC) tools such as Terraform and AWS CloudFormation
  • Proficiency in Python scripting
  • Any experience with Astra or AWS Keyspaces

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance (SVO)
  • Occupational Risk Insurance (ART)
  • Paid Time Off – Vacations. 14 calendar days a year, the number of days will increase by seniority based on local law rules
  • Sick leave
  • Exceptional Leave. Take paid time off for your major life changes (childbirth, marriage, etc.)
  • Compensation of costs for internet, electricity, and personal laptop usage (if applicable)
  • Stable full-time workload
  • Thousands of projects for top brands
  • Stable income
  • Referral Program
  • Certification opportunities
  • Unlimited access to LinkedIn learning solutions
  • Language courses
  • Relocation Assistance Package

  • By applying to our role, you are agreeing that your personal data may be used as in set out in EPAM´s Privacy Notice and Policy
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