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Buen ambiente de trabajo ,pago minimo

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Buen ambiente laboral ,companerismo sin excepcion de raza o cultura.


Seguro medico, descuentos y bonos


no se descansan días feriados ni fines de semana
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lots of stress and terrible treatment!

The stress of the job gave me a seizure and the company had the audacity to tell me to put my two weeks in if the job stress me out that much instead of asking what they can do to help or make me feel better!terrible company!




terrible treatment, don’t accept doctors notes! just a bad job!
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Great place for first job

A good place for someone first getting into the workforce. Some Wal-Marts are better than others, depending on management. Also has potential to move up quickly.
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Not bad

Easiest job to do shop for people. Stocking shelves not bad either. Makes time go by fast. Only thing I don’t like about personal shopper is when you get general orders. You have walk around whole store. I like chilled orders and frozen orders are better for me.
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Great workplace

Lots of work management is great , employees are nice been working there for an long time cut ppl time so got laid off but overall good workplace if looking for growth
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Fun workplaces

It is okay like it very much pay can be better very nice co worker placement has been around since the mid sixties when the pandemic started but the last few months
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Fun place

Fun place to work and gain a lot of experience but can be stressful. Met a lot of great people while working there. Wish they paid more and the benefits were better
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Overall Decent

Overall decent place to work. Need to hire more people. Great manager in LG that listens to ideas and concerns. Wish that the holidays were not required.
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Love the job

Great place to work just hard to get them to transfer you love the job though favorite area to work in and pretty good pay pretty easy work good connections
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Been working here for a total, but not a continuous, 4 years. It is a small store, easy to work in, easy to do your job, difficult to move up the ladder. I believe due to the size of the store, there is a lot of favoritism and they seem to only just jumble team leads around into different roles and very rarely allow others the chance to promote. when they do, those people are very unprepared and end up either stepping down or forcefully stepping down. most of the people are great to work with, i’ve had a great support system from within. the store manager can be very empathetic and helpful in times of need. overall, great place to start out working for the company, if you want to climb up the ladder, leave the store.
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About what you would expect.

I did not last long in this position. Employees are treated like children and customers can be rude and mean. Otherwise, a normal cashier job so about what you would expect.
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Poor and Stressful Store Management

Everything goes beyond the store manager's eye and they don't care about making it a healthy environment. Blatant disrespect ignoring, stealing ideas without proper recognition, and won't pay when you cover a manager's job.
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Fast pace/ very busy

You are always working. Breaks or short & other team members will not help you if you need help. Everybody is for themselves. The people are nice, but you also have to deal with rude customers & the customer is always right even if they are rude.
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OK job

Good job good hours. Enjoyed my time there. I went from being a cart pusher all the way up to being a assistant manager, and helped all around the store
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Good for a part time role

It was an alright job for part time work but it was also stressful at times but that can also depend on the area you are in, so it's not something I would want to do full time just because of how the customers can be but the managers were nice
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Stressful and petty management

I was pushed beyond a reasonable amount to accomplish the work of 3 people, only to be scolded for not doing enough. Everyday they changed up what their expectations of me were so I was never right. They set me up to fail and lectured me relentlessly. I never had issues like that at any other job. Everywhere else I have worked I was respected, I moved up and got to lead. At walmart I was passed up for job advancements, was robbed of my vacation time, had my hours switched without my knowledge short notice, amongst other injustices.


Hour long lunch break, decent pay and benefits


Everything else
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Fun and busy work place

I'd love to stay and work with the team I had almost a year under my belt with but unfortunately I had to move to another state with zero time to tell or express what was going on. All in all one of the best places I've ever worked in my life and wish I could move back and work now.
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it was ok

the main reason i quit was because the coach i had was very disrespectful especially when it came to telling workers what to do infront of customers.
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Not great

Not ideal work environment , I didn’t work there for very long but the time I did spend wasn’t the best. Made okay money but didn’t like my manager much at all
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Productive work

There’s always something to do, not bad pay wage. They give everyone a chance get work experience, room for growth or changing a career there after a few months.
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Fun team members.

The company is unorganized the pay is too low for what they want you to do. They trainers were never on time. The most enjoyable part of the job was meeting new people.
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